Videos that Inspire Action

Simple • Engaging • Moving

Inspire Action

If your work impacts someone’s life or business, explaining what you do can be difficult. We create videos that help clarify and demonstrate the effectiveness of your offer so you can inspire your ideal customer to take action.

What We Offer

Brand Video

Modernize Your Brand Message

A modern video can make your company look resourceful, polished, and more professional than your competition.

High Production Value (HD)

Successful and beautifully made videos shot on industry standard cameras and camera equipment.

Simple • Engaging • Moving

We have a process that helps you simplify your unique value in a way that holds attention and inspires action.

Grow Your Digital Presence

Become a company that people trust, recommend, and interact with digitally.

All Major Social Media Platforms

We currently advertise videos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Saturate Your Market

Prospective clients will know your name, and know that you are a top choice in the market.

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Customers are Looking for You

Make the Best Impression with Video

Internet Users Everywhere Enjoy Video Content

85% of all internet users in the United States watched online video content monthly on any of their devices.

Video Marketing
Creates Profit

88% of companies using video marketing are satisfied with the ROI of their marketing efforts on social media.

Consumers are Spending
More Time on Videos

There has been a 59% increase in time spent watching video in 2019 compared to three years prior in 2016.

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The Structure Co was wonderful during the whole process. From helping me know what to say in the video, to being professional on shoot day. Not to mention… the video that was delivered to me turned out fantastic. Very positive response when I shared it on Facebook.

Create Inspiring Content and People Will Take Action

We’ll help you create a video that inspires people to take action. With The Structure Co Framework, you can effortlessly communicate what makes your company great without worrying about if you’re saying the right thing to get more customers.

What We Bring

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